Remove yourself from the internet

Start a new or improved digital life now!


We will prepare a report where we will point all sources of your current identity exposure


We will proceed with removal request procedure of sources that are not aligned with your removal strategy


We will pursue a clearing plan that will divert potential negative opinion about your person.


We will build a virtual image of yourself in a field you want. Expert, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and more


We will expose your new image on the internet field so people entering your name we see what you want them to see


We will secure and protect your name, we will react immediatelly to cover all damages that are happening to you

100% Confidentiality Guarantee

We do everything do keep your image secure, our services are discreet and for your eyes only!


For business people

If you reach a point when you want to cut the coupons, or you made a mistake in your life and need to recover. We help business people to dissapear or change the opinon in the digital sphere


For consumers

We can help you to protect your data by removing your data from internet based on the legal regulations


For politicans

We can help to build a positivie vision of you, if you're a politician... of course in the digital sphere. If someone google you, make sure he see a better version of you

Remove yourself from internet

You will see the first effects before 30 days of our work

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